My 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer

April 26-28, 2002

My Tentmate and Walkmate, Minoo, and I pause for a picture while waiting in line for registration on Thursday at the Stockyards in Fort Worth.  Minoo, what did you get me into?
After a wait that seemed like an eternity, we are finally almost inside the arena to view our 45-minute safety video!  Stay Alert!  
Our team, James and the Mammo Mommas, do some serious carbo-loading the night before the walk.
 Team Spirit!  Our team at the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day opening ceremony at Keller.
 Let's boogey!  Susan and Barbara dance around to stay warm.
 Looking toward the stage at the opening ceremony.
 Another view of the stage.
A ring of life formed by survivors of breast cancer moves down the center of the crowd.
 Our teammate, Linda, is in the ring of life.
Here we are, 2400-strong, at the very beginning of the 3-day walk leaving the field where the opening ceremony was held.
On our way to Grapevine on the first day.  At the top of a long "hill."
We made it to Southlake!!!  Our first town after Keller!!!
Need to document this first milestone - reaching Southlake!!! Still able to smile and wave for this picture...
Arriving at Carroll Elementary School.
Carroll Elementary School students cheering us on.
Minoo and I arrived at Camp Comfort, Meadowmere Park off Lake Grapevine, around 3:00 PM.  The first day's total mileage, according to James's GPS device, was around 18 miles.
Home sweet home!  Tent City, Grapevine, USA.  We found our tent already set up by some very kind people. Where is that shower?!
After a nice hot shower in cramped quarters we are ready to hit the dinner tent and have some hot chocolate and pasta!
Now that we are smelling fresh, let's take some pictures and tour the camp.  Here are the shower trailers and portable sinks.
Here is the dinner tent in the background. 
From now on I will salivate whenever I see the Denver Airport.
The pink leis are part of our team uniform, as was the pink visors and green bandanas.
A receiving line forms to welcome the last walkers into camp.
The team getting together to feast on pasta and recount the day's sweat, blood and tears.
Second day of the walk!!!  A short bus ride brought us to Carrollton. Some clowns gathered at one of the pit stops to lend us a cheer.  Our motivation for walking fast today is to achieve a decent shower position to avoid long lines.
The second day was hard.  Almost there!!!  Addison Circle pit stop.
This is Minoo's first time putting up a tent.  Her SECOND time sleeping in a tent (the first night being the first time).  We camped at Campbell Green Park at the corner of Hillcrest and Campbell in Dallas.  It was a hot and muggy night. We were around 1400 in leaving camp in the morning and came into camp around 540th.  The day's mileage was around 19 miles.
Woken up by some crazy neighboring tents who started packing at 5 AM, we reluctantly start pulling up the tent stakes around 6:30 for that last day of hoofing it. 
Pack up our bags one more time.  The idea today is to walk leisurely so that we don't make it to the destination too early.
Signing each others' T-shirts at breakfast on the last day.  Here Sheree and Rhonda sign James's T.
Here Pascale is signing a teammate's (Tricia?) T-shirt.
Minoo getting into the signing fervor.
The loudest sweep van in operation on the 3-Day.
James and the Mammo Mommas cheering on the walkers at one of the pit stops on the 3rd day.  Since the goal today is to just make it to the end, we take our time at pit stops to make sure the team stays together.  The downside to this is longer lines at the Porta Potties.
Fast forward...Can this be true?!  We made it!!!  Actually we've only made it to the holding area here to wait for all the walkers to come in for the short walk to the closing ceremony.
Minoo resting her feet after three days of hard work.  Gatorade anyone?
Donning our navy blue long-sleeve (hot!) victory T-shirts, we gathered for the last mile to SMU campus.
Being cheered on by the Harley motorcycle crossing guards.
Yes, that's what it was all about!
Cheering the survivors as they walk into the closing ceremony.
A very emotional moment.
Here at last - the completion of the 3-day walk.  It was physically and emotionally exhausting but extremely gratifying.  Dallas area walkers raised a net of over $2.5 million!!! Here's to three days of non-stop Gatorade guzzling, Porta Potty wrestling, and tent snoozing.