May 2002 Pictures

Keith trying out the bulldozer.  This is the "before" picture. 
 Zion watching Daddy work the dirt piles.
Mommy home after three days of walking.  Zion joins Mommy for a snooze.  Ah, to sleep in a real bed again!  One of life's simple pleasures.
Digging, digging, pushing, digging.
We rescued these abandoned baby ducklings, but they died a few days later.  One was hunted down by Kiki.  We were all very sad.
Asya and Zion with our stylish yet comfortable chicken coop built by Keith.
 Bring in the big guns - let's excavate!
 One last look at our garden on Sandshell.
 Asian Festival in Dallas.
Mother's Day 2002.

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